DISCOGRAPHY: Pre solo (released recordings)

STACY GROVE    (Original Line up)
Don Wilson, Stefan Brown, Mark Jones, Kim Priest.
Later featured the late Murray Brookie, Derrick Archer and
Mike Phillips.

1970: Please mr neighbour: Wilson/Brown

         A tale of life: Wilson/Brown


EBONY    Don Wilson, Stefan Brown

1972: Everythings come and gone : Wilson/Brown

1973: The fool : Wilson/Brown

         Big Norm: Wilson/Brown/Ostrange

1974: Album: EBONY

         1.  Laze in the morning sun (also single release) :          Wilson/Brown
         2.  Colours of the world: Brown
         3.  Tavern girl: Wilson
         4.  Elephants and nonsense: Wilson/Brown
         5.  Morning love: Wilson

         6.  Mother earth: Brown
         7.  Party: Wilson
         8.  Time machine: Wilson
         9.  To her: Brown
         10. Everyones heart gets broken: Wilson


THE HEARTBREAKERS     (Original Line up) Don Wilson, Simon Morris, Danny Shaw,Tony Hooper, Nick Theobald.
Previous line-ups featured Alan Brown, Vic Singe, Rob Winch, Steve Robinson, Bill Beare.

1976: Beachcomber: Hooper

         Computer man: Wilson/Morris

         Holding on: Hooper

         Just like Romeo and Juliet: Hamilton/Gorman

         Move over Cassanova: Wilson/Morris

1977: Lightning strikes: Lou Christie

         Down at the bay: Theobald

         No scene at all: Wilson/Morris/Hooper

         Heartbreak: Wilson/Morris



1984: Hey Mr Lange: Schreuder/Wilson